electrical services

Electrical Services

As power generation schemes and plant electrical systems become more complex, even “isolated” failures can have cascading consequences. MSC services are designed to promote maximum integrity, efficiency and operating performance of electrical components and systems.

Electrical Repair Services

Our repair services encompass the full range of power generation apparatus, including:

  • AC and form-wound motors
  • AC and DC motors
  • Generators
  • Random-wound motors
  • High voltage stator windings
  • Form-wound motors
  • Turbine generators
  • Field services

Testing and inspection diagnostics:

Visual inspection, phase comparison tests, overvoltage tests, load and no-load tests, dielectric absorption tests, hi-potential tests, impulse and surge comparison and vibration analysis.

  • Failure analysis
  • Finite element analysis
  • Winding / horsepower upgrades
  • Project management

Coil winding and replacement:

From small IHP motors up to large form-wound machines as high as 25,000 HP. In addition, MSC can also provide custom-manufactured coil replacements to desired specifications.

Motor recondition: Includes shaft machining, DC armature turning and undercutting, bearing and re-babbitting and dynamic balancing.

Insulation repair: Including Dip and Bake, Thermalastic coil insulation and Epoxy Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI).

Onsite Services:

MSC maintains 24/7 availability of portable field equipment for immediate dispatch to the customer site. This includes diagnostic, disassembly/reassembly, motor rewinding and motor reconditioning equipment, as well as precision balancing apparatus. Let MSC be your Onsite repair specialist.