Valve Repair & Part Manufacturing

Valve Repair & Part Manufacturing

Valve Part Manufacturing

At Midwest Service Center’s Precision Manufacturing Division we precision machine valve component products to specification for valve manufacturers. Our modern shop is well-equipped with extensive resource of tools and equipment to shape complex metal parts from high performance alloys. We are also capable of post processing procedures such as stress reliefing and Nitriding. All parts are Heat Code Traceable (HCT) back to their original melt specifications at the mill, allowing us to provide an additional level of assurance to all of our customers for their critical valve parts.

Valve Repair and Rebuilding

MSC provides a comprehensive range of repair, reconditioning and modification services for all types of steam turbine valve applications, process control and specialty valves. All valves are repaired, assembled and/or modified to exacting specifications. 

Valve Services for Power Generation

Full scope of turbine valve inspection and repair for long-term valve maintenance, rebuilt and modification. Service includes weld restoration, reshaping geometries, dimensional and material analysis by meeting customer requirements and timing.

Electro Hydraulic System Analyzer (EHSA)

Hydraulic actuators inspection and test

  • Precision equipment to inspect actuators, fully refurbish and test them to their correct specifications.
  • Electro Hydraulic Test Stand (EHTS) uses phosphate ester (FYRQUEL 220) at operating temperature and pressure (up to 3000 psig test pressure)
  • Tests individual system components at operational levels and measures actual flow or pressure drop
  • Records pressure drops in increments utilizing chart recorder for detail analysis

Data recorded in the analysis assists in the evaluation of EH system actuators and includes:

  • Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Emergency Trip Check Valves
  • Isolation Valve
  • Both In-house and On-site Test Services
  • Drain Check Valves
  • Dump Valves
  • Valve Test Solenoids (if so equipped)