mechanical services

Mechanical Services

Age, wear and hard duty exact a toll on even the toughest gear.

Innovative reclamation methods and machining techniques from MSC can restore the service life of equipment to keep your operation running. MSC has extensive capability and experience in the repair, reconditioning and modification of all types of industrial equipment. MSC mechanical repair services, machining and mill work for electric motors, mechanical power transmission components and highly engineered components vital source for Industries from Aerospace to Shipyards, Local Municipalities to Major Cities, DOD, Steel, Mining and the list goes on.

Your Single Resource

  • Removal and reinstallation assistance
  • Disassembly
  • Inspection
  • Hard facing renewal
  • Gear box repair
  • Journal and housing repair
  • Repair/replacement of worn areas
  • Balancing/alignment of rotating components.
  • Preventative and predictive services
  • Machinery inspection and troubleshooting
  • Optical alignment
  • Onsite vibration analysis and dynamic balancing
  • Davis 150,000lb Horizontal Balancing Machine
  • Ultrasonic thickness testing
  • Hydrostatic testing
  • Laser coupling alignment

No company can afford an inefficient operation or untimely downtime. We can assist you in the modernization, installation and repair of your equipment. Additionally the general and preventive maintenance needs of your operations.

Our organization and technicians are skilled, ready and are available to assist you with all of your mechanical service needs.

Davis 150,000lb Horizontal Balancing Machine
Davis 150,000lb Horizontal Balancing Machine